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    About Our New Products

    Please read the following for detailed explanation and frequently asked questions of our "new" products.

    • What does "new" condition mean?

      Our "new" products means the product is a first hand product, i.e. it is unused, and not previously owned. It means the product is still in its original packaging and not previously owned or used.

    • Does a "new" product mean it is Factory Sealed?

      As mentioned, the "new" products we sell are in its original packaging. Therefore, whether it is "factory sealed" solely depends on how the manufacturer package their products.

      Please note that for some products, particularly the paper boxed products, the manufacturer will NOT seal the paper box. Usually, the following types of products are NOT sealed:

      • Video game consoles
      • Video game controllers and joysticks
      • Game carts of Japanese Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, Super Famicom
      • Toys and figures with paper box packaging

      Moreover, for some high value products, or for products with serial numbers, we may open the package to verify its serial number and content.

    • What should I expect on the package's condition?

      Even for a brand new product, please understand that unavoidably the package will still be subject to different levels of cosmetic defects caused by transportation, storage and handling.

      Particularly, if the product is packaged with a paper box or with vulnerable materials, please assume that it may have denting, scratches, or other cosmetic defects which does not affect the product's function.

    • An important note for "new old stock"

      We offer a wide range of rare and difficult to find products, some of which are out of print and were released long time ago. We call this "new old stock".

      For such "new old stock" products, especially for those with paper box package, please expect that the package may have considerable signs of aging and wear outs due to the product's long age and prolonged storage.

    • I only accept a "perfect", "flawless" product

      Because "perfect" is a subjective judgment, we offer no guarantee on this matter. We do not want to disappoint any customers. Therefore - If you are very sensitive to the package's condition, please kindly consider the above before placing an order with us.

      Please understand that after all, we are selling consumer products, but not artwork, antique, or rare treasure.

    • If item is arrived and I am not happy with the cosmetic condition, am I able to return the item?

      We are sorry that our products are excluded from any return, exchange or refund unless the product is wrongly delivered.

      If you are very sensitive to a product's cosmetic appearance, please DO NOT place an order to avoid any dissatisfaction. It is because a product's "cosmetic condition" is a subjective matter to measure, and we do not want to disappoint our customers.

      Our products are only good for usage purpose, but may not be good for collection purpose.

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