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    About the Games

    Below are the frequently asked questions about the video games in our store.

    • Can my game console purchased in USA / UK run the Japan / Asian games?

    • For most of the game consoles, including Playstatoin, GameCube, Xbox, Dreamcast, there are regional lockouts. The major formats are listed below:

      NTSC format. Distributed in Japan and Asian countries
      NTSC format. Distributed in USA and Canada
      PAL format. Distributed in UK , Australia and some European countries

      Each format can only be played by the game console of the same format.

      For example, a NTSC-J Playstation 2 game requires a Japan / Asian NTSC-J Playstation 2 to play. Playstation 2 from USA (NTSC-U/C) and UK (PAL) CANNOT run a NTSC-J game.

      The format information of your game console should be printed on the package, the user manual, or the game console itself. For example you should be able to find a "NTSC-J" logo on the back of the Japan / Asian Playstation 2 console.

      Despite the regional lockouts, some gamers are able to make their game console as universally compatible by performing hardware modification on the game console (known as "Mod-chips"), or using a "Boot Disc". However, please note that it is illegal, and any modification to the game console will void the manufacturer's guarantee.

      GameBoy cartridge has no regional restriction so it is compatible to the GameBoy console from any country.

    • What is the difference between [NTSC-J Japan] and [NTSC-J Asia] formatted games?

    • The [ NTSC-J Japan ] and [NTSC-J Asia] refers to Japan Import and Asia Import versions.

      Both Japan and Asia versions are NTSC-J formatted and in most cases the game content is exactly the same. The Japan version is distributed in Japan only and the Asia version is distributed among the Asia Region (e.g. Hong Kong , Taiwan , Singapore ).

      Japan version is usually made in Japan while Asia version is made in different areas in the region (e.g. Hong Kong , Singapore ). Sometimes the user manual of Asia version includes the Chinese or English translations.

      Usually there are subtle differences between the packages of Japan and Asia versions. For example, the Japan version usually has more markings (e.g. the age group ratings) to comply with the game industry requirement in Japan . In practice, if those markings are the only difference, we will use the same picture for Japan and Asia versions for simplicity.

      Despite the same content and minor difference on package, some people still prefer Japan version for collection purpose and are willing to pay for the higher price. However, if you buy the game solely for gaming purpose, both Asia and Japan versions will deliver the same gaming experience and enjoyment.

    • Why the Asia version is much cheaper than Japan version sometimes? Is the Asia version authentic?

    • We are not the distributor and thus unable to comment on the price differences. We can only say that the distributor in Asia occasionally has a substantial price cut on their games.

      We only sell authentic games. We hate and do NOT sell any pirate / bootleg games.

    • Can I use the Playstation 2 memory card from USA save the games from Japan / Asia?

    • There is no official documentation from Sony about this issue. As far as we know, there should be no regional restrictions on Playstation 2 memory cards. Thus a memory card from USA should be capable to save Japan games, but there is no guarantee from Sony about this.

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