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  • Inventory Status

    Inventory Status & Product Availability ("Order Preparation Time")

    The inventory status / availability of the product refers to how long it will take for the product to leave our warehouse after you place your order.

    It does not include the shipping time, i.e. the time that your order will take to reach you once we ship it. The shipping time depends upon the shipping method you have chosen.

    Our types of inventory status are categorized as follow:

    • Usually ships in 1 day / 2 day / 2-4 day / 1 week / 1-2 week / 2-4 week:

      It is the "Order Preparation Time" - the timeframe we expect to be able to prepare the product for shipment.  It is stated in the "inventory status" for each of our product.

      Because we manage a very large inventory portfolio, our products are stored in multiple godown warehouses. Such "Order Preparation Time" indicates the expected time for the item to arrive us from the warehouse. Therefore, it varies for each product, depends on which warehouse it is being stored.

    • Accepts pre-order now:

      The product is not yet released and pre-order is opened. The latest release date information (may subject to change) is on the product information page. If a pre-order is made and payment is completed, we will ship the order once the item is released and is made available to us.

      SHIPMENT: Please note that if your order includes a pre-order item, the order will only be shipped altogether when the pre-ordered item is released. If you wish to receive other items first, separated orders should be placed.

      FULFILLMENT: If the pre-order item is so popular that we do not have sufficient quantity when it is released, the pre-orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. The fulfillment order will be based on the time of payment, not on the time of order placement.

      TOKUTEN: Tokuten are some 'pre-order bonus' given by the maker. Tokuten are limited in supply, usually allocated by the maker based on a percentage of pre-orders (e.g. 30pcs out of 100pcs), but the percentage is unknown to us (as a retailer) beforehand.  

      We will ship the Tokuten with pre-orders as long as it is provided by the maker. Therefore, Tokuten will be fulfilled on first come first served basis based on the time of payment. However, Gamebaz do not guarantee Tokuten's availability.

      If you want to make sure getting a Tokuten, please kindly make use of our Shopping@Japan service, where we can help place order directly to maker's website (e.g., e-capcom) that guarantees a Tokuten. However, the price is usually higher then our retail price.

    • Stock out temporary:

      This item is currently back ordered and we are trying to re-stock them. We will put accept order again as soon as it becomes available again. However, chance of re-stock is still uncertain.

    • Sold out, re-stock uncertain:

      This item is currently not available for ordering and we believe that the chance of re-stocking this item is low.

    • To be announced:

      The producer has announced the production of this item but details of release date and price is yet to be announced. Pre-orders will open once more details become available.

    Please note that the inventory status is for reference purposes only and the actual availability may be different. The inventory status might not be applicable for multiple copies of an item and is. In general, we endeavor to keep the inventory status indication accurate for single-copy orders. Orders for multiple copies of an item may take longer time to prepare.
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