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    Search Tips

    We have a large product base, thus our search function is an important tool for finding products. Below is a general guideline for using our search function.

    Keyword Search

    • Separate Keyword with Spaces:

      Separating your keywords with appropriate space may give you more appropriate results. e.g. use "Super Robot Wars" rather than "SuperRobotWars".

    • Use Fewer Keywords:

      The more keywords you use, the more stringent is the search criteria, which sometimes will exclude the products that you are really searching for. Use fewer keywords will give you broader results.

      e.g. If you are searching for Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike, try to search simply with "Street Fighter" rather than "Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Fight for the Future"

    • Use Singular Word:

      Using a singular word form will retrieve the singular, plural, and possessive forms of most words. e.g. use "Nintendo DS Case" rather than "Nintendo DS Cases"

    • Numeric vs Roman Numbers:

      Can't find a product with numeric number? Try again with Roman numbers, and vice versa. e.g. if "Final Fantasy 7" can't get you the results, try "Final Fantasy VII"

    • Short Forms / Abbreviations:

      Try both full form and short forms of your search term. e.g. if "SF IV" can't get you the results, try "Street Fighter IV"

    • Avoid Using Symbols:

      Using symbols in your search term may limit the result, if possible, use space to separate your keywords instead of symbols.

    • Our Search is NOT Case Sensitive:

      You don't have to mind the case of your search term as upper and lower case characters are interpreted by our search engine as equivalents.

    Advanced Search

      We have an Advanced Search function for more experienced users. It includes:

    • Keyword Search:

      Search with all keyword(s), exact phrase, any keyword(s), and unwanted keyword(s)

    • Additional Filters:

      Filter your keyword search by product category, game genre, producer, version, and format.

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