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    Shopping@Japan Service - Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some generally asked questions about our Shopping@Japan service. If you have any other questions, please always feel free to contact us.

    About Purchasing Products

    • What items can I order via Shopping@Japan Service?

      You can order any items on the Japanese online market or online shops, except items which are forbidden to export or prohibited in your country.

      However, in some cases we may not be able to find seasonal or rare items, or find items before your requested deadline.

      Note: For the reason of management & administration simplicity, currently we only offer Shopping@Japan service for products NOT available at our website. If the requested product is available from us, we will refer you back to the product link at our website. You can then place order directly from us instead.

    • Can I order items which I cannot find online?

      Currently we only offer shopping service for products which are available online.

      However, if you are looking for an item in Japan, please feel free to contact us for a quotation even you cannot find it online. Because the product you are searching may actually be available on online shops or websites that you are not aware of.

    • I have a discount coupon from, can I use it for Shopping@Japan service?

      We are sorry that discount coupon are not applicable for our Shopping@Japan service. Our discount coupon can only be used for buying products listed in our website.

    Service Fees, Import Tax

    • Do I have to pay for your quotation?

      We provide free consultation and quotation. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us for our advice.

    • How much is the service commission?  How much does it cost to purchase via your Shopping@Japan service?

      Please refer to our Pricing section for more details. Please also use our Cost Calculator for an estimation.

    • Are there any hidden costs besides your service charges?

      The only potential extra costs will be import tax of your country. Depends on the customs legislation of your country, you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied by the customs when the product reaches your country. Additional charges imposed by the customs, if any, will be borne by you.

    Shipping & Delivery

    • Do you offer ship (surface) delivery?

      Gamebaz recommends using a fastest delivery method such as EMS or Air Mail. We do not offer sea delivery for small items.

      Ship delivery is only available for large items, over-weight items or some special items that cannot be sent by airmail.

    • Will you open my items?

      No, we do not open your items.

      We will only open the package to preliminarily check the quantity, color, quality, pattern, number, etc., but we will not open the item packing.

      However, we will remove the invoice attached in the package, if there is any, because it contains our billing information.

    • Can I order various products from different sites and have you ship them together once each item arrives?

      Yes we can combine your order in one shipment. However, please note that:
      • Since each seller / site has their own local shipping charges, to save your costs, please try to order from minimum number of sellers if possible.
      • If your order includes a pre-order item, the order will only be shipped altogether when the pre-ordered item is released. If you wish to receive other items first, separate orders should be placed.
      • Auction items (e.g. Yahoo!Japan Auctions) cannot be combined with shop items (e.g. Rakuten, Amazon Japan). Separate orders should be placed.
      • Shopping@Japan service order cannot be combined with products at Separate orders should be placed.

    Payment Methods

    • What payment method do you accept?

      Please refer to the Payment Methods page for details.

    • When is the payment deadline?

      The preliminary order will be valid for 3 days after you receive our quotation e-mail.

      Please contact us if your payment is delayed. Otherwise, your order will be canceled automatically after 3 days.

      * Our e-mail might not be able to reach you if you are using a free e-mail account. If you don't receive our quotation e-mail, please contact us as soon as possible.

    Cancellation, Return & Refund

    • How can I cancel my order?

      Order can only be cancelled before the payment is made. Please contact us if you want to cancel the order. However, once the payment is made, you cannot cancel the order.

    •  How can I return or exchange it?

      Due to the nature of Shopping@Japan service, we do not return or exchange the products.

    Yahoo!Japan Auction Related

    • What should I do to request for a Yahoo!Japan Auction bidding service?

      The procedure is similar to a normal Shopping@Japan service request. You have to contact us for a quotation, but if the item is an open auction item (instead of a 'buy it now' or 'fixed price' item), you have to let us know your bidding budget when requesting for a quotation.

    • I have paid for an auction I want to bid. What will happen if I do not win the auction item, or if my bidding budget exceeds the winning price? Will my payment be refunded?

      For Yahoo!Japan bidding service, we adopt a simple way and will not hold any balance of the customer. Therefore, in either situation, i.e. non-winning or bidding budget exceeding winning bid, we will refund the difference after the transaction is completed.

      Please note that the refund amount will be net of any PayPal, credit card, or bank charges, if there is any.

    • The auction already exceeds my bidding amount, can I cancel the order immediately and get refund so I can free up my money for other purchases?

      For auction items, if we have already committed a bid to the auction, the order will be cancelled and refunded only after the auction is ended.  It is because in some cases if the leading winner's bid is cancelled or recalled for a reason (e.g. if the seller cancel that bid, or if the bidder was suspended), the "losing bids" will become the leading winning bid again.

      Therefore, we will cancel & refund for an unwon auction ONLY after the auction is ended and it's become certain that our bid did not win.  Our cancel & refund process will usually be completed around 1 week after the end of the auction.

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