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  • Disclaimer
    Shopping@Japan Service - Disclaimer

    Regarding our Shopping@Japan service, please note that we are not the seller. We only acts as an intermediate in the transactions. Therefore shopping via our Shopping@Japan service is totally different from buying products at our online shop.

    Using our Shopping@Japan service is bound by the following terms and rules. We request you to read through them before using our service. Thank you for your understanding.

    1. Product examination

    We verify the following aspects of the product before shipping to you. We check only by reading the descriptions on the packages. We will not actually examine the physical content:

    • Quantity of items
    • Brand name and its item number
    • Item color, size, price

    We are not responsible to open package to verify the content. We will not examine:

    • The working condition of the product
    • The actual content of the package
    • Cosmetic defects of products, if any

    As we only acts as an intermediate, we will only ship what we receive from the seller. Therefore, please check the seller's description carefully and make sure the product is exactly what you want. If you have difficulties reading the Japanese description in the seller's websites, please always feel free to contact us and we can check for you.

    2. Our responsibility

    Due to the nature of this service, we take no responsibility under, but not limited to, the following events:

    • The product is damaged or dead on arrival*
    • Wrong item was delivered by seller
    • Faulty goods
    • Seller's fraud
    • Loss, theft, damage, breakage by seller
    • Dissatisfaction of product for any reason

    Our role is to assist you to negotiate with the seller if any such unfortunate event happens. However, we cannot guarantee the outcome of the negotiation.

    For auction bidders, you should also be aware of the potential risks involved in auctions. We suggest you only to bid items from sellers with good reputations.

    *This is concerning the local delivery part, i.e. if the product is already damaged when it was sent to us from the seller. For the international delivery part, i.e. the delivery from us to you, if you have chosen an insured shipping method, damage during delivery will be based on the shipping insurance.

    3. Unacceptable Shipments and Your Responsibility

    User of our Shopping@Japan service agrees that products will be deemed unacceptable for shipment if, and not limited to, the following items. We will not be responsible for and financial loss and/or legal responsibility for such situations.

    • Cash, checks, bills, shares or other securities
    • Credit cards, ATM cards or other cards
    • Savings/deposit books or withdrawal cards issued by a financial institution
    • Correspondence or other means of communication currently defined by law as correspondence
    • Live animals or plants, dead animals or stuffed specimens
    • Human bodies, human body parts, dead bodies, human remains or mortuary tablets
    • Food, drink or other items susceptible to deterioration in quality or decomposition
    • Stimulants, cannabis, narcotics, psychotropic substances or any other illegal drugs
    • Guns, swords or other weaponry, gun powder or other explosives, poisons or other deleterious substances
    • Pharmaceuticals or medical equipment
    • Any items obtained through illegal, fraudulent, unjust or otherwise dishonest means or methods
    • Items whose transport, export and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law in the importing or exporting country, state or local government (including intermediate countries)
    • Any other items not authorized under the carrier's terms of shipping
    • Any other items deemed to be inappropriate

    4. Some reminders for customers

    We will not be responsible for any damages caused by using the product. Please use the product based on your own judgment and risk. Please note that:

    • User instructions. The instructions, contents, warnings, etc. of the items will be written in Japanese. Please use the items in your own responsibilities

    • Electronic devices. The voltages of electronic devices is for Japan only and may not be compatible with your country. Please make sure you have appropriate voltage stepper if you are buying electronic devices. Using wrong voltage on electronic devices will cause permanent damage to the device, and can even cause fire. We do not take responsibility for damage caused by plugging in electronic goods or appliances.

    • Software compatibility. Video game software, DVD, or Blu-ray discs can be subject to regional blocking. Please be noted and make sure your playback system is compatible before you make the purchase

    5. Return, exchange, or refund

    Due to the nature of service and our role in the transactions, please note that:

    • Neither return nor exchange will be accepted.

    • Returns or refunds after arrival will not be accepted.

    • We do not accept order cancellations after payment is completed. Because we will arrange to purchase the product after you finished the payment, we cannot refund the payment.
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