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    Shopping@Japan Service - Order Procedure

    STEP 1: Find products

    • Find the products you want from our Suggested Shops or any other online shops in Japan.

    • Use our Cost Calculator to get a rough estimation on the total price

    STEP 2: Contact us

    • Go to our Quotation System and fill in the URL of the product. You can either add the product to your Shopping@Japan Cart for placing an order, or save it to your Shopping@Japan Save List for later purchase.

      At the Shopping@Japan Cart Page, if you are ready to request for a quotation and place an order, click Request Quotation and fill in your personal details:

      • Your name, phone number, e-mail address
      • Your delivery address
      • Delivery method you prefer
      • Payment method you prefer

      And we will reply you our quotaton as soon as possible:

    STEP 3: Payment

    • If you accept our quotation, please proceed with the order by making payment. For Shopping@Japan service, we accept eith PayPal or International Money Transfer (Western Union / MoneyGram) .

    STEP 4: Order placement

    • We will make the purchase / bidding on your behalf upon the receipt of your payment.

    STEP 5: Good arrives to us

    • Upon receipt of the package, we will verify if the product arrived.

    STEP 6: Shipment

    • We will arrange for shipping to you. We will notify you when the product is shipped.

    STEP 7: Bingo!

    • The Package arrives!