Neo Geo Metal Slug 4
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Home  >   NeoGeo  >   Shooting  >   Neo Geo Metal Slug 4
Neo Geo Metal Slug 4
    Neo Geo Metal Slug 4 Picture / Boxart     
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Format JapanJapan, NTSC-J Japan
Remark Only compatible with NTSC-J (Japan / Asian) formatted console / software
Producer SNK Playmore
Product Code NGH-263
JAN Code 4964808101382
Reference Currency 
 Item Specifics
  Genre Shooting  
  Version Japan  
  Format NTSC-J Japan  
  Release Date Jun 12, 2002 (Wed)  
  Product Code NGH-263  
  JAN Code 4964808101382  
  • 576 Megs

  • The popular series of side-scrolling action games continues with Metal Slug 4, introducing all-new characters INTO the plot.

    The world is now trembling under the fear of cyber terror, as the birth of a deadly new computer virus threatens to snatch the main military system out of every country.

    The virus has been created by the terrorist GROUP known as Amadeus, and must be stopped by the four main heroes in the story. They are: Marco Rossi, an army platoon leader; Fio Germi, a superior director of an Italian secret service; Nadia Cassel, a regular army soldier; and Trevor Spacey, a regular army sergeant.

    The title song for Metal Slug 4 is performed by Lee Jae Jin, one of the most popular female singers in Korea today.

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