Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen Nintendo Wii
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Wii Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen
    Wii Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen Picture / Boxart     
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Format JapanJapan, NTSC-J Japan
Remark Only compatible with NTSC-J (Japan / Asian) formatted console / software
Producer Nintendo
Product Code RVL-P-R4ZJ
JAN Code 4902370516715
Reference Currency 
 Item Specifics
  Genre Action Adventure  
  Version Japan  
  Format NTSC-J Japan  
  Release Date Jul 31, 2008 (Thu)  
  Product Code RVL-P-R4ZJ  
  JAN Code 4902370516715  
 More Pictures / Screenshots
Wii Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen Picture / Screenshot  Wii Zero: Gesshoku no Kamen picture
  • Visit old mansions and hospitals in the deserted island. Shine your torch light as if in a real ghost hunt, a blue light will sparkle from objects of interest when you shine your torch on them.

  • Reach out to take the objects of interest, however, beware of the pale hand that stretches out from nowhere to grab you.

  • Read old news articles and memos to learn more about the abduction.

  • Solve the riddles in the hospital and mansion to proceed with the plot.

  • Although the island is deserted, you don't know who you will find there. Touch them to turn them over.

  • Aside from your torch light, your trusty camera is your other ally. It captures spirits and an image of the hidden past onto film.

  • Do things cease to exist if we forget about them?

    For every decade, a special ceremony is held at a shrine in Rougetsu island. 10 years ago, during a traditional Japanese concert, a case of suspected abduction occurred. Five girls disappeared without a trace as if taken away by supernatural forces.

    Although the case was solved by a policeman, the girls seemed to have suffered from a special form of amnesia, they have forgotten what happened during their abduction. The amnesia disturbed the girls, but this matter seemed to have been settled when they moved away from the island.

    However, unlike what everyone thought, this case was not over. 10 years later, two victims from the case were killed in a brutal manner and the survivors suspected it has something to do with Rougetsu island. To find out about the truth behind the case and stop the killing before the culprit takes another life, two survivors, Misaki and Madoka set off to the island they have moved away from so long ago.

    The remaining survivor Minatsuki Ruka seemed to be the only one who still retained some remnants of memories from her abduction ordeal. She remembered a melody, a group of musicians being surrounded by a circle of masked men and a masked woman who danced as if she was possessed by spirits. In search of the truth behind the memories and images that plagued her life, she, too set off for the island after Misaki and Madoka.

    Tags: fatal frame
     Extra Information
      Rating CERO C (15+)  
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