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      Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some frequently asked questions for your convenience.  This can save your time asking us the same questions and wait for our reply, which will very likely be identical as the answers below.

    Of course, if you have any questions, please always feel free to contact us, and we are very happy to answer any of your questions.

    • Q: Can you take a picture and show me the actual product's condition?

      A: The short answer is no. The long answer is, because our products are kept in warehouses, and we keep selling and acquiring products with a high turnover rate, we cannot provide actual picture of the specific inventory.

      We are sorry for that, and we appreciate your understanding that we do not have resources to accomodate such request.

    • Q: What is the condition of the package? I only accept perfect and flawless products.

      Regardless whether the product is "new" or "pre-owned", it is impossible for us to guarantee the package is in "perfect" condition. It is because "perfect" is a subjective judgment and the standard may vary to different people.

      Therefore, please kindly expect that although we will try to ensure the package will be in good shape, unavoidably the package could have cosmetic defects caused by transportation, storage and handling, which will not affect the product's functionality.

      Finally - If you are very sensitive to the package's condition, please consider the above seriously before placing an order with us to avoid any dissatisfaction.

    • Q: Do you ship to _________?

      A: We offer worldwide shipment, and your country is very likely included.  You can know the shipping charge instantly by using our shipping charge calculator, as described below.

    • Q: And how much is the shipping charges to _________?

      A: When you add items into the shopping cart and before you proceed with checkout, there is a shipping charge calculator underneath. You can choose the destination country in the calculator and it will show the available shipping options and shipping charge automatically based on your cart content.

    • Q: Can you reserve the product for me?  I will pay it next week.

      A: We are sorry that we cannot reserve products.  Our products will only be reserved upon completion of payment. And it will be reserved on first-come-first-served basis based on the payment time.

      In other words, even if you submit an order, the product is NOT reserved.  It is reserved only after the payment is completed.