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  New Product Line Added - Idol Products!   New Product Line Added - Idol Products! ( Jul.03 )
  We are glad to announce that we added a idol section to our shop.

We start with a popular collection items in the Japanese idol world - Nama Shashin, which means "real, actual printed" photos.

Nama Shashin in Japan refers the commercial photographic portraits of celebrities such as idols, talents, singers, gravure idols, actors and actresses.  This term is used in Japan to differentiate the actual printed photographs, as opposed to a offset printed images on books and magazines.  Sometimes the terms bromide, or promide are also used for these products.

Nama Shashin in Japan are distributed through different types of channels.  Some are sold individually, while some are bundled as a Tokuten (special gift Tokuten) along with products like CD or Shashinshu (photo book Shashinshu).

We have a wide collection of Japanese favorite idols, like AKB48, SKE48, Hello! Project, Morning Musume, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Johnny's, and a lot more!  Please take a look at our Idol product section!

We are still in an initial stage of the idol products, and we will work hard to add more variety to the product mix.

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments.  Recommendations and suggestions are warmly welcomed!
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